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Hans Mangelschots


With 15 years of experience in the field of People, Work, Technology & Communication, I have consistently committed myself to taking on the next challenge that came my way on a mission towards an optimal experience of 'work'.





Challenging the status quo

Candidate Experience

I started as a Youth Employment Coach in 2008 and by 2014 I founded my first startup; Kazi, a recruitment technology platform that matched candidate personality traits with job characteristics.

After building a community of 400 graduate high potentials and tested the platform with 11 pilot partners, I planned my exit to move on to the next challenge.

Nevertheless, solving the mismatch between talent and the employer of choice is always been a challenge I am drawn to. After all, times keep changing: the complexity of the recruitment process increases and technology keeps evolving.

That's where my added value lies today: navigating strategies and technologies that enhance your employer brand whilst they improve your Candidate Experience.

Employee Experience

When I moved on in 2017 I noticed a lot of companies were unaware of

  • upcoming challenges
  • creative strategies
  • digital solutions available on the market

I started writing articles about the candidate experience, workplace culture, digital transformation and the Digital Employee Experience. Every time I researched the topic, talked about the challenges and offered solutions to tackle them. (see WorkTech Mangled)

Soon I was asked to provide trainings and keynotes about digital HR transformation, innovative solutions and "the digital employee experience".

These topics never get old, but the content does. That's why I love to keep pace with the latest developments and trends in the innovative work & tech space.

Startups & Projects

From 2018 to 2022 I was community manager of HR Tech Valley, an investor charity for startups and suppliers of HR Technology. Enhancing their marketing, digitally, physically, with events, through advisory and public speaking.

4 years, 60 events and 50 member companies later, I've grown my market intelligence and network exponentially just by keeping up the pace.

Experienced in helping companies find the right digital HR solution for their challenge, independent and HR-holistic, I also love helping startups find their way to their ideal customer.

Combining my skills and my knowledge, I'm setting up my own initiatives, whilst I support company projects and startups finding each other.

Navigating innovation, work and technology to give you the advantage of being different.

What people are saying

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Hans is a really great guy who is always ready to think along, sharing his inspiration, knowledge and network. His contribution to our HR Future Business Club was indispensable.

— Benny D'Helft, Voka Limburg

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The creative input of Hans during our rebranding brainstorm has appeared to be of great value in clarifying the proposition of our digital HR solution to our cliënts.

— Wouter Van Bockhaven, TalentLogiqs

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Hans has been really helpful connecting us in our early stage with highly relevant persons from his network. I enjoyed pitching him our idea and getting valuable feedback.

— Daniel C. Dul, ReCo